“Evicted” Subjects Will Move Into Your Heart

It is easy to see why Matthew Desmond’s “Evicted” won a Pulitzer Prize. The author of this book, about several families living below the poverty level in Milwaukee, spent years researching and living with the people he writes about. The result is a heart-wrenching and brutally honest look at the economic struggles millions of Americans face. While most people shy away from the painful reality of poverty (including eviction, homelessness, and the physical and emotional problems that go with it), Desmond looks at the issue head-on, while also describing possible solutions for the families living in squalor. Although it can be difficult to read about people living off just food stamps and the charity of others, Desmond also tries to give a behind-the-scenes look at the alternate side of the issue: landlords who are trying to run a business and make a profit. This balanced peek into the microcosm of the ‘hood’ helps the reader see all sides of this important story.

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