“I Hate Everyone But You” Gives Millennials Something to Relate To

This novel, by two popular Buzzfeed writers, offers a look at the friendship of two college freshmen. Ava and Gen seem like polar opposites: Ava’s a shy screenwriting major at USC who is struggling with social anxiety, and Gen is a journalism major at Emerson who thrives in social settings and is coming to terms with her sexuality. Although they have many differences, the two have a powerful bond that gets them through everything from sorority rushing to roommate drama.

The story is told completely through emails and text conversations between the two. This type of epistolary format is fun and unique, and most younger readers will have an easier time relating to posts with emojis and millennial slang. The writing is humorous, but isn’t afraid to touch on serious topics like self-harm and LGBTQ issues. Although there aren’t huge surprises in the plot, the personalities of the two friends are enough to keep most readers engaged. Bottom line: you’ll probably be jealous you don’t have a BFF like one of these two gals.

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