“His Only Wife” Book Review

If you want an action-packed novel that’s really driven by plot, this book wouldn’t be for you. Instead, “His Only Wife” is a quieter, slow-burn story about a woman who marries a man who has a girlfriend on the side. I loved the main character – she’s driven, resourceful, and wants to be the best version of herself. Unfortunately, her new husband (who isn’t actually even present when they tie the knot!) doesn’t want a traditional two-person marriage. He’s happy to keep a girlfriend and his child and start a relationship with his new wife. The dynamics are incredibly complicated (especially because the man’s family is overly involved in his love life).

Not much happens in the book except for the same conflict that comes up over and over (will this man leave his girlfriend for his wife?). There are small character-driven moments that make the book worth reading. Additionally, I loved the Ghana setting – it felt authentic and rich with cultural details. It’s a nice change of pace from novels I usually read that are set in the US. However, I did find myself somewhat bored with the characters and the plot (or lack thereof). I would have loved maybe a few twists and turns in the plot or any element that didn’t already feel totally expected.

3.5 stars

*Free ARC provided by Netgalley and Algonquin Books in exchange for an honest review*

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