“The Hilarious World of Depression” Book Review

As someone who struggles with depression, I always find it helpful to read other people’s accounts of how they’re living with the condition. And if the story can be told with a little humor, that’s even better. John Moe, creator of the podcast with the same name, offers a book that’s a little different from what I was expecting. It’s written almost in the form of a memoir where he writes about his own experience growing up with depression, his suicidal thoughts and urges that developed in adulthood, and how other members of his family struggled with mental illness. Moe is able to express perfectly the despair that’s present for people he deems ‘saddies.’ I related to so much of his descriptions of how depression can affect day-to-day life and how it can hinder your plans for the future. Because Moe’s podcast focuses on interviewing celebrities about their own depression, I was expecting more of these other stories from a variety of people (including a lot of comedians who face their diagnosis with a sense of humor). Although Moe includes some, the majority of the book is related to his personal life. The sections devoted to his career were a little less interesting to me, but overall, I think Moe does a commendable job getting down to the gritty details of how his depression informs his thought processes and behaviors. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who has depression and needs help reframing (especially with humor and humility) and for anyone with loved ones who have depression – this book will likely create a lot of empathy instead of judgment.

4.5 stars
*Free ARC provided by St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review*

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