“The God Game” Book Review

Anyone in a reading slump should pick up a copy of “The God Game.” This book is a fast-paced, thrilling ride from beginning to end. It kind of defies genres – a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, YA, social commentary, etc. The story centers around a group of tech-savvy high school kids who get invited to play a virtual game (designed by “God”) with some very real-life consequences. Initially, the game provides them with huge rewards (a way to win the girl, a perfect entrance essay to Harvard) but then the stakes get increasingly higher and the kids are forced to abandon their principles just to survive. Although some of the programming and computer lingo went over my head, it was so easy to get truly invested in these characters (something you need for a somewhat unrealistic plot). I also loved how this book made me think about how technology can be utilized for good or evil and how well the setting of a high school fit for the story. This time in a person’s life can be terrifying and confusing in normal circumstances, so to have this heightened reality of life or death stakes added in was genius. The only thing that detracted from my love for this book was that it tended to go a little cheesy with the romantic elements – the puppy love connections felt too YA and took me away from the story a bit. Overall, though, I’d recommend this book in a heartbeat!

4.5 stars

*Free ARC provided by Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review*

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