“When All Is Said” Book Review

Every once in a while a main character comes around that steals my heart. Anne Griffin has provided me with that with Maurice Hannigan, an elderly Irish man who decides at the end of his life to look back on how he got where he is. He contemplates the twists his life has taken by toasting five of the most important people in his life: his late wife, his daughter, his son, his brother who died far too young, and his developmentally-challenged sister-in-law (who ended up setting an important life event in motion). As he makes his sentimental, touching toasts, we learn of Maurice’s life story, from impoverished farm boy to well-to-do landowner. There was so much heart poured into the writing of this book, and I admire Griffin’s storytelling abilities. I won’t soon forget Maurice – in all of his heartbreaking glory.

4 stars

*Free ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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