“These Violent Delights” Book Review

This novel is an example of how to tell a #MeToo story in the right way – with heart and empathy. Namkung tells the story of three women who are deeply affected by a ‘relationship’ they had with their high school English teacher. When one comes forward to write about the damage done by this abuse of power, the other two also feel called to tell of their own experiences – of the hurt, shame, and despair caused by sexual abuse. I think this story is covered effectively because Namkung truly seems to understand the path of wreckage that gets left following this type of abuse. Her author’s note at the end further cemented this. She offers some statistics and a call for action to help further prevent these crimes from taking place (especially in school settings). I felt a true connection to these characters and was inspired by their strength and courage, and there was just enough edginess to help the writing stray from a schmaltzy afterschool special feel. A very important read.

5 stars

*Free ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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